Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Winter Driving

We have had a very pleasant winter so far...up until yesterday that is. I have not traveled very far this year as I do not have use of my vehicle (see an earlier post) and am not all that broken-hearted. I did, however, have to travel an hour away yesterday as I took my uncle for an appointment. We had some snow in the morning and as I was driving his truck (rear-wheel drive) I hit a slippery section of road. I must say fish-tailing going up a hill is not my idea of a good time! All's well that ends well and I managed to keep control, but I did get quite a scare.

After his appointment I stopped at a gas bar and bought some sandbags for his's amazing what that little bit of extra weight does for traction. For more tips on winter safety, please visit HubPages; the author of the article brings up some very good points. You will see my note regarding the sandbags toward the end of the  comment section (username brsmom68).

In addition to the weather report, today is not a nice day. I am having a hard time adjusting from the above zero temperatures we have been having to the -23C this morning. I know I should be accustomed the cold temps since I have been an Albertan since day one, but unfortunately I'm just a big wuss. Days like today I wish we had a fireplace or a wood stove.

That is all for now...have a great day and stay warm!


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