Friday, 30 September 2011

Free ebook

I am giving away copies of my ebook in October. Please comment below to receive your free copy via email. This book is the first in a series; the next book will be available December 5, 2011. All I ask in return is a quick review posted on eitther this blog or my website.

Anyone that comments below will receive a free ebook The Homemaker Helper Series: Crafts as well as a chance to win a hard copy of the book. The draw will be made November 1 from those who comment on this page or on my website. Good luck!

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Welcome to The Homemaker Helper Series Blog!

This blog will contain news on my books and updates. It will also contain bits and pieces from past and current books I have written. I have information about the books on my website, but have decided to expand a bit so the series has its own blog.

The original plan was for all of the information to be contained in one book. As I wrote, I realized it may be much more feasible to break the book down into smaller books. This decision was based on being able to provide more information as well as earning revenue from the first books while the others are being written. I am hopeful this series soon becomes a household name.

The first book written is on crafts. There are several patterns included, as well as some history on my craft making story. It contains directions for projects such as quilts, afghans, wreaths, fabric crafts, holiday crafts, etc. The ebook may be ordered through my website as well; currently print copies are available at Lulu. I anticipate carrying print books at home as well. Once I have several copies on hand I will add a link to my site.

Also available on my website are items with "The Homemaker Helper Series" on them, such as clothing, household and fun things. I will be expanding the site over the next several months and more items will be added. Please take a look at my site and leave a comment.

Thank you!