Saturday, 21 January 2012

5 Ways to End Entryway Clutter

When it is cold and snowy out, we have to wear heavier coats, boots and snow pants. This usually ends up in contributing to a very messy entryway. There are a few ways we can make our lives simpler and end some of the clutter.

  1. Have a mat close to the door. There are mats available on the market with raised edges which the melting snow from leaking onto your floor or your carpets.
  2. When children come in from outside, the first thing they tend to do when they take off their outerwear is to throw it on the floor. Put up hooks so they can hang up their coats and ski pants. A nice touch is to put their names above the hooks so there is no fighting over who gets which hook. And trust me, there will be fighting otherwise.
  3. Rubbermaid storage containers are great for organizing: designate one to each family member for mitts, scarves and toques. This keeps them from being tossed just anywhere as well as keeping some order to your entryway.
  4. Many of us have dogs in our homes. When it is snowy and cold out, they too come in with wet feet. Have a kennel or bed for them in the entryway and teach them to stay there for a little while. This also pertains to anytime of the year; it keeps wet and muddy tracks off of our kitchen floors.
  5. Keep the entryway clear of toys and other unnecessary items. In a busy household many things get brought in and dropped by the door; groceries, mail, and even towels and swimsuits after a day at the pool.
Do you already incorporate any of these methods in your home?

Have a great day!


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