Tuesday, 17 January 2012

7 Tips for a Clean Home with Pets

In my quest for blog material, and to help spread the word for others in the cleaning industry, I was fortunate enough to be sent the following article. Please take a moment to visit the site at the end.

Fur, accidents, litter boxes, oh my! Is it possible to have a clean house with pets? Yes, it is possible with a little extra cleaning time. Here are some tips you need to know:
  • The biggest cleanliness challenge for many pet owners is hair. All breeds shed, some more than others. Vacuum all open spaces where the animals roam daily. To reduce the roaming space of your animals, simply shut doors to rooms you don’t want them to go into. A quality vacuum cleaner is an essential tool in your campaign to lift pet hair from your home. 
  • You can minimize how much cleaning up you need to do if you start with proper grooming. Groom your cat and dog outdoors to minimize airborne skin particles that contribute to allergies. You should brush your pet a few times a week, just a quick brushing to get the coat out. If you collect hair on the brush, it’s not on the floor. 
  • Another thing to remember is that you will need to change the furnace filters more often, possibly every two to four weeks. If you keep them clean, the less work your heating and cooling system has to do, so you can save money as well. 
  • Most dogs, if properly trained, do their business outside. Even the best trained pet can have an accident. Cleaning accidents quickly is critical to prevent an odor problem in the home. Look for cleaners with enzymes at your pet-supply store.
  • Cats usually have their bathrooms indoors, in the form of a litter box. Scoop the box at minimum twice a day, and change it completely about every 10 days. That means after the litter is dumped, filling the box with water, a bleach solution, and a sudsy dishwashing detergent like Dawn, and giving it a good scrub before refilling. 
  • At the door your pet uses most often, keep old towels and teach them to wait to have their feet dried or remove rain and mud. It is handy to keep a small pail near to fill with water to remove debris from their feet.
  • To contain your dog or cat in one spot, invest in a quality bed that will be their designated space. This will prevent them from getting on your bed or couch. 

If keeping a house clean when you have pets is more than you have the time for, consider a reputable maid service  http://www.themaidsofdc.com  and allow the maids to lend a hand.

These are great tips which will help minimize the amount of pet hair and mess in your home. We do not have any cats in the house (sniff sniff) due to my partner's allergies, but we do keep a dog inside during the cold winter months. For a dog with such short hair he sure seems to shed a lot. The applicable above tips will be implemented in my home...what about yours?

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