Monday, 17 September 2012

Website Review – Alacraft

While searching online for craft sites I happened across Alarcraft, an online craft store in Australia. The site has simple navigation to pages with Braids & Trims, Bridal, Butterflies, Craft Flowers, Crochet Cotton & Accessories, Diamante Products, General Craft, Haberdashery (aka notions), Lace, Motifs, Quilting Fabrics, Ribbon, Scrapbooking, Stickers and Yarns & Knitting.

The selection of products available surpassed my initial expectations when I arrived at the Home Page. Don’t let the simplicity of the site fool you into thinking the range of products is not there. Although I am on a different continent than Alarcraft I am aware the prices are very competitive to what we have available in Canada, perhaps even slightly lower.

Being a craftperson myself, I would not hesitate to order any products from this particular site. (Unfortunately they are currently only shipping within Australian borders.) My personal favorites are the Haberdashery, Scrapbooking, Quilting Fabrics and Sticker pages. The selection of the latter is as good or better than any local craft outlet.

The Blog posts are very informative, providing instructions on a variety of crafts. The content is evergreen (will never go “stale”), which perhaps explains the absence of post dates. The "evergreen" approach is very important to keep visitors coming back to learn something new. I have personally bookmarked the site and will be returning to learn more about knitting.

I particularly enjoyed reading the Cardmaking post, as it explains what is needed to make your own cards. The materials are basic and they suggest using basic card stock if just starting out with making your own cards. Handmade cards are usually treasured more than store-bought, so if you have a special occasion coming up, why not try out this simple craft?

The knitting and crochet posts are also informative, and give the reader basic instructions on how to get started. Learning the basic stitches and utilizing them will lead to bigger and better projects as you increase your skill. A scarf is a simple project to start with; before long you may find yourself knitting sweaters for every member of your family.

The bottom line: if you are in Australia, you can order some wonderful products that will be shipped to you promptly. For those who are not in the shipping zone, visit the site for updates and posts on other crafts. If there is a particular craft you would like more information on, simply contact them via the form on the site and request a blog post.

Have a great day!

Note: this is a sponsored post.