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A Jump on Spring Cleaning!

I know Spring is several weeks away, but why not get a jump on your Spring Cleaning now? I have been fortunate enough to come across an article on Helium that was just what I was looking for in regards to content for my blog. I contacted the author (J.R. Lewis) and this is what she sent me. You will find an article on Helium that she has written which is very similar to this one.

Something about springtime makes one start new. It's a time to get rid of the dust and dreary days of winter and find the sweet renewal of spring. A wonderful place to start your own spring cleanup is the bathroom! There's not a more deserving, well used room in the house.
Have your handy ceiling fan duster in hand to hit the high areas of the room.
·      *Dust vents and fans. Hit the room corners, too.
·      *Next, dust your light fixtures. If there are removable light covers, wash them.
·      *Hand wipe the baseboards. Use a mild, pleasant smelling cleaner such as Pinesol and hot water.
·    * If your bath has any windows, wipe down the ledges and glass.
·      *Take down curtains and wash them. Also the shower curtain, bathmat, and carpets. 
·      *If there are shades, dry dust them. If metal, they can be taken down and soaked in hot bleach water.

With the high areas dusted and the baseboards cleaned, work from the deepest part of your bath. In many, it’s the bath that is the farthest.
·     * Clorox clean up and magic erasers are the best methods for both tubs and showers. Certain surfaces, such stone as marble or travertine, may require special cleaners as bleach may damage it. Use the cleaner that best suits the needs of your individual tub.
·     * Remember to scrub around the faucets as mold likes to collect.
·      *Pay special attention to the shower head. It is overlooked and builds up black mold. (Special attention should be given to a shower track if there’s a sliding glass door.)

Once the inside of your tub is cleaned, wipe the outside. Often grooves in standard bathtubs collect dust. Surfaces not considered make the biggest difference.
Now, it's time to face the toilet.  
·      *Bleach works well.
·      * If there are hard water stains in your ceramic toilet, use a pumice stone to remove them. Using it may be scary at first because there is a sandy grit created by scratching the bowl with it. Don't worry; it is the pumice itself. This is very effective on most stains, but not those that are very old or deep.
·      *Don't forget the base. More than the top of the tank, the outside should be wiped down with your mild cleaner.
·      *After wiping down the toilet, hand wipe the floor around it. It is hard to reach with a mop.
Now, with your shower/tub and toilet clean, it's time for the sink and vanity. The glass mirror is a huge consideration.
·   *  A mix of rubbing alcohol and water make for the perfect glass cleaner that will leave your mirror perfect.
·      *Wipe down the splash guard on the back of the unit before removing all the items on the vanity.
·      Now, clean the counter tops and sinks. Pay special attention to the areas where toothbrushes sit or make up is applied. Both cause a build up on the surface.
·      *With the area wiped shining, re-position all the items after wiping them down as well.
·      *Clean the soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and liquid soap holders.
*With the vanity top clean, concentrate on the unit. If it’s a pedestal sink, simply wipe down the base. If the unit has a closed area such as drawers or cabinets, it is time to clean them out.
·     * Get rid of outdated medications, old make-up, used razors, anything that hasn't been used since your last deep cleaning. Face it, you're never going to use that four year old hotel conditioner if you haven't used it by now.
·     * It's time to start new. Don't be afraid to throw things away!
·     * Medicine cabinets: Clean them out. Old medications can be dangerous as well as ineffective. Wipe the shelves and reorganize.
·      *It's now time to go through your towels, face cloths, and hand towels.
·      *Get rid of the worn ones. Recycle them to your cleaning rag pile or donate them to your local Goodwill.
·      *Wipe out the shelves before replacing items. Wipe out the cabinets as you go.
Once the sink and vanity are cleaned, clean out any closets in the same fashion. Remember, clear out the clutter! Now that the main areas are cleaned and organized, it is time to focus on the floors. 
·      *Sweep or vacuum the floors. Bathrooms tend to collect lots of hair. Glass tiles are an easy clean. Using the alcohol and water mix, the debris should come off easily. Avoid it until completely dry.
·      *If there are old tiles with lots of staining, a scrub brush and bleach will work wonders.
·      *If your floor is hard wood, cork, or linoleum using the mild cleaner by hand which will allow you control in collecting the surface dirt and will be most effective.
·      *Allow the floor to dry before replacing the freshly laundered carpets, shower curtains, rugs, drapes, and towels.
Congratulations! You've done it! Your bathroom has been spring cleaned and it looks great! Way to go!

I would once again like to thank J.R. Lewis for this wonderful information. Please visit her page on helium and read through some of her other works.

Thank you and have a great day!


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