Friday, 28 October 2011

New Survey

Good morning! I have a new survey available. The results will help me provide better content for upcoming newsletters and blog posts. I encourage everyone to take it; it's only 5 questions.

As I continue with my book series, I come across more to write about. There are aspects of homemaking I hadn't even considered when I started, but see the opportunity rising to share what I learn. When a person is a homemaker (man or woman) there is so much more to their job description than most people realize. They are partner, friend, parent, chef, maid, bookkeeper, nurse, vet, plumber, electrician, and the list goes on. Granted not all homemakers have the same circumstances; some have children, some do not; some live alone and work from home, others have a spouse.

The skills needed to maintain a smooth running household are also not just for homemakers; they are for anyone living under their own roof. Many are skills they have learned while growing up. In some circumstances however, caregivers have not taught children all of the skills they will need when they are on their own. Many parents take it for granted their children will just "know" what to do. As my son gets older (graduating this year) I fill him in on things he will need to know. He knows how to cook basic meals, can do dishes (when he chooses to), knows how to operate a washing machine, and is well aware of the responsibility associated with having a license and a vehicle. There are also the other tasks he will be responsible for once he is off to college and living on his own, such as the grocery shopping, paying his bills, keeping his car maintained, and keeping his apartment clean. It will be a whole new experience for him, and I wish him the best.

There are also those young adults who have not had the role models in their lives to shape who they are. They have not had loving parents or a safe environment to come home to. That is sad but realistic. My goal as an author, homemaker and mom is to help those who need some guidance in the right direction. My books will cover all aspects of homemaking; whether it is done full time or part time. I realize not everyone can stay at home, as we need cashiers, doctors, dentists, postal workers, restaurant employees, etc. I am very interested to help those who could use that extra little push in the right direction. The best part is, no matter how old you are you can always learn something new.

As the saying goes, "A little guidance goes a long way."

Have a great day!


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