Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cooking 101 Update

As it turns out, the rain didn't last the other day like I thought it would which means I did not get to stay home and write. I was back out helping my Dad and Uncle, and am proud to say I did two oil changes; one in a half ton and the other in a swather (which was out in the field). I do not consider the day to be wasted however, as it gave me some practical experience.

As the books in this series continue to be written, home and equipment repair and maintenance will be the topic for one of them. I do have a schedule in mind for the order of the books, and am anticipating that particular topic to be fourth or fifth in the series. Although I have performed some repairs around the home, I do want to do a few more so I can write from first-hand experience.

As I write more of Cooking 101, I keep thinking of more things I should include in it. It will easily be at least 120 pages; perhaps as many as 150. I am enjoying making different squares, cookies and meals - plus have been sorting through the items in my pantry to decide which are necessary and which are personal preference. Lists of what to have in your pantry and cupboards will be included in the book. Also included will be brief descriptions of appliances, cookware, serving and table ware. This is to give any person, whether they have cooked before or not, a baseline for their kitchen. Each person has individual tastes, but it is always nice to have a starting point.

Please remember, any comments on this page in the month of October entitles you to a copy of The Homemaker Helper Series: Crafts ebook. All you need to provide is an engaging comment and you will receive a free copy of the ebook. For anyone pre-ordering Cooking 101, a copy of the Crafts ebook will also be sent upon confirmation of payment.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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