Thursday, 20 October 2011

6 Weeks Left

Good morning! In six short weeks book number two of The Homemaker Helper Series will be available. I am very excited about this one, and have been enjoying testing the recipes I am including. My family is also enjoying the extra cooking and baking taking place.

Last night it was Honey Garlic Chicken Wings served with rice and vegetables. A fairly simple supper, but very good. I have adjusted the recipe to make extra sauce, as it is great for adding to the rice. It is better to have more sauce than not enough.

As the days get cooler it is perfect baking weather. I am an outside person, but only when the weather is nice. When the temperatures start dropping, my outdoor activity also drops. It is then time to experiment with different recipes and feed my family my creations. It is also when I learn what works and what doesn't. I have often had to modify recipes to make them better.

I am not a person to write in books, but I have found writing in cookbooks to be beneficial. For those who don't, may I suggest you start? I have made the mistake of making a dish only to realize I had made it before; and didn't like it then either. My cookbooks are filled with little notes and modifications; some recipes have "very good" written beside them, while a few have "never again". It is a good reference point for me, as well as anyone else in my family when they are picking a recipe. I will occasionally decide what to make (chicken, steak, etc.) but will ask one of my children or my partner to find a recipe to prepare. Without the little notes, they could easily pick something that isn't great. Having a reference point eliminates wasted time and wasted food (although, our dogs do enjoy a treat every now and again).

As we head into the weekend, it is the perfect time to start planning the holiday menu. We have our traditional courses, but each year we add something new. I am not sure what it will be this year...

Have a great day!

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