Friday, 7 October 2011

5 Entertaining Tips

As the holidays approach, you may be entertaining more often than usual. It is good to keep a few tips in mind (these will also be included in Cooking 101) for a safe and happy event.

1. Have a variety of food and snacks available for your guests. This is especially important if you will be serving alcohol.

2. Offer coffee, tea, soft drinks and juice in addition to any alcoholic beverages. You may also wish to provide virgin versions of drinks such as Caesars or Daquiries. This ensures your guests will have options should they choose not to consume any alcohol.

3. Inquire about any severe food allergies prior to planning your menu. Avoid serving dishes which could trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction. Nuts and seafood may need to be avoided depending on your guest list. It is best to take necessary precautions instead of a get-together ending in tragedy.

4. Have enough seating for everyone. If having a more formal event, be sure there is a chair for everyone at the table. If casual, be sure everyone can be seated at the same time. Many community centers will often provide chairs and tables for a small fee, provided the facility is not being used at the time.

5. Arrange for alternate transportation for your guests if they have been drinking. Advise at the beginning of the evening there will be transportation as well as accommodations should they so choose. Many hosts will collect keys at the beginning of the evening in an attempt to prevent intoxicated guests from driving. Once again, this is a time which should not end in tragedy because someone made a bad decision.

These are just a few tips which will be included in The Homemaker Helper Series: Cooking 101

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