Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Good Day to Write

Good morning! This is so unlike me to be writing before 6:30 AM; I'm usually not up until this time and my computer doesn't get turned on until after the kids leave for school. Today is an exception.

I will be working on my book again today as I don't anticipate helping with any harvesting due to the rain we are getting. It will be a good day to write! I am aiming for completing the section on appliances; which are necessary and which are a bonus in the kitchen. After cooking for so many years, I do have my favorites aside from the basics. One of those favorites is a slow cooker. I can put a frozen roast in it in the morning and by suppertime the roast is done. It also works well for ham, stew, chili and soups and chowders. I recommend a slow cooker for anyone who leads a busy life. For those who work outside the home, it is nice to come home to a hot meal; for those who stay home the meal can be cooking while other tasks are being taken care of.

After some thought, I have decided to accept pre-orders of my next book. It will contain a wealth of information which will be beneficial to anyone who does any meal preparation. The final page count is undetermined, but there will be no less than 120. The book will be released no later than December 5, 2011 which will allow time for holiday meal preparation as well as gift-giving. For those who pre-order before the release date, I will send you a free copy of The Homemaker Helper Series: Crafts ebook. Ebooks will be emailed to you upon confirmation of payment. For ordering information please visit my website or click on the PayPal button on the right side of this page.

Thank you and have a great day!

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