Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Vehicle Maintenance

I miss my van!

I didn't realize just how much I depended on it until I no longer had it. I blew the engine in it, and now it sits awaiting repair. It had a few other minor issues, but nothing I couldn't work around. Now we are down to one vehicle, which Ross takes to work each day. I am glad I work at home, but having that second vehicle is nice just the same.

As a repair such as this one is an unforseen expense, budgeting for it was not done. I will be working extra hard to pay for the repairs so I am not home bound all winter long. I am not a big fan of driving in the winter, but it sure does come in handy being able to do so.  With almost 270,000 km on it, I have gotten my use out of it. Many kilometers were put on it while my son was undergoing cancer treatment. We did bi-weekly trips two and a half hours away for treatment for nine months. In the beginning of diagnosis, that trip was made several times withing the first couple of weeks.

It is important to do regular maintenance on a vehicle in order to keep it in perfect condition. One of the most important is oil changes, which I was usually adamant about. I regret to say I was a little lax in doing so lately as I felt I didn't drive as much so I could put it off. WRONG!!! I was informed after the fact that oil breaks down, and an engine will use it as fuel. That would explain the burnt oil I found when I took the oil cap off the engine. The worst part was it quit while I was in town and we had to load it on a trailer to take it for repair. (See photo) Inch by inch with a block and tackle; another learning experience for me.

I am not totally naive when it comes to vehicles and how they operate. I have changed my own tires, added my own oil, windshield washer fluid and transmission oil. Unfortunately for me, I got a little neglectful. I will be needing new tires and a new windshield (no thanks to the truckers that threw rocks at me) before it is 100% road ready, so when it is fixed I should be good for another 500,000 kilometers. For a van that size, I do have to say the gas mileage is great. It is hard to borrow a vehicle that gets only 15mpg while my van got almost 30mpg.

As the repairs get done to my van, I will be spending more time working to pay for it. I will be blogging more as well as adding more eBooks and articles to my portfolio. Plus, I have my patterns available as downloads, which can be accessed via the links on this blog. This is perhaps the kick I needed to spend more time marketing.

I have also been reading the information available at Entrepreneurs-Journey and have learned a lot. I would recommend the information contained on this site for anyone interested in blogging or online businesses. I am not an affiliate for the site; I just think it is practical information anyone could benefit from.

And remember...keep your vehicle maintenance up to date. you do not want to be left stranded like I was. I never said I do things the easy way...just ask my Dad!

Have a great day!


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