Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fingerless Gloves, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbors! May the day bring you health, happiness and good will!

Today I am working on an eBook, which will be available for sale by month end. I will also be putting the finishing touches on Cooking 101 over the course of the next few days, which is still scheduled for release on December 5.

I am enjoying my time spent writing as well as the time I spend cooking, baking and making various crafts. Today I will be making cupcakes...and they will be ready by the time my kids get home from school. I am thinking chocolate would be a good flavor; chocolate is always a good choice in our house.

I am almost finished another pair of Fingerless Gloves, which I started last week while babysitting my nephews. I have made a few pairs, and have found the acrylic yarn to be better than 100% cotton. The cotton is warm enough, but it stretches out and the gloves soon become too big. My daughter claimed one of the first pairs I made and they are now big enough to fit a man. It was a good lesson to learn, as now I know what is the best yarn to use. I am anxious to try alpaca yarn as well, but have to wait until spring. Ours will be ready for shearing then and I plan on processing the fiber myself. Perhaps I will buy some yarn from fellow alpaca owners so I can work with it before the winter is over.

Now that I have made a mental list of things to do today, it is time to get busy with them. The most time consuming part will be writing out the instructions for the Fingerless Gloves, as I have designed this pair. The pattern will be available for purchase by month end.

My baking and crocheting await! Have a great day!


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