Monday, 5 December 2011

Book Release Update

Good morning!

I had originally scheduled my Cooking 101 release for today but due to some unforeseen circumstances I will be delaying the release. Rather than publish a mediocre book, I will be taking some extra time to edit it. I apologize to everyone, as I really wanted to release it today. I am not happy with how one section turned out, so will be fixing it. My aim is still to have it published before Christmas.

Self-publishing gives an author the flexibility they sometimes require, but it does not mean their work should be shoddy. I have read (or tried to read) some self-published books but was turned off by the poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. I have caught typos in textbooks and traditionally published books, which goes to show that no one is perfect. My problem with some is the frequency with which the errors occur. I will not publish a book that has not been proofread several times.

Now, I must get back to work so I am able to publish my book before Christmas. Once again my apologies!

Have a great day!


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